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How to checkout using itunescarddelivery without a paypal account

Step 1

Add the iTunes Gift Card you want to your cart and press add to cart


Step 2

Make sure the item you want is in your cart and then press proceed to checkout 


Step 3

You need to say you are a new customer or returning customer. If you are a new customer press continue on the left side


Step 4

Enter your billing details. You must enter something in each asterisk. If you don't have a state or zip code, put anything there. Then Press Bill this address and send card to this email


Step 5

Double check your order, and then press Proceed to Payment


Step 6

If you don't have a paypal account, press Don't have a paypal account. Here you can enter in your debit, or credit card information


Step 7

Enter in your Debit or Credit Card information here. You will not have to create a paypal account if you do not want to. Then Scroll down to pay


Step 8

Press Pay. You will be receiving your card in your paypal email within 5-15 minutes