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How to save money by using the US itunes store in Australia

Are you sick and tired of paying a fortune for music, apps, and tv shows in the Australian iTunes store?  We are about to show you how to get your iTunes music for much less by using the US iTunes Store.

On the internet we can't stand it when companies block content or change prices on content simply because the end user is in a foreign country.  Why should a song downloaded from Australia cost more than a song in the United States?  This is inexcusable, geo-blocking should not be allowed, but even large corporations like Apple do it.

Companies like Apple and Google do this all the time for digiital content, but here's where the math gets screwy.  A song on the Australian iTunes store costs between $11.9 and $2.19, but in the US they only cost: $0.69 US and $1.29 US, that's about $0.75 and $1.40 in Australian dollars, so buying US could save you almost $1 AUS per song!.  That's ridiculous, it sure costs an arm and a leg to move those electrons down under.

Save tons of MONEY and get MORE music!

Here's how we recommend saving money, BUY US itunes gift cards, and then use them in the Australian store.  You can sometimes get Australian cards at discounts, but the discount isn't consistent.  You can also have MULTIPLE iTunes store accounts so if the exchange rate ever changes you can go back to buying Australia music as well.

Now, you can't just "enter" a US iTunes gift card into your Australia account, you need to first set up another iTunes store account and then you can use the US iTunes card with the US iTunes Account.  To do this though you'll need a US itunes gift card, which you can buy directly from www.itunescarddelivery.com.

1) Buy the US git card.  The gift card will be emailed to you so all you need is the little code that has been scratched off.  We currently accept PayPal so that our buyers are protected from fraud.

2) Sign up to the US iTunes store.  This can be done by signing out of your current account on iTunes on the computer and then changing your iTunes country.  You can change the country by going to the bottom of the iTunes app once you've signed out and clicking the Aussie flag and changing that to the United States.  At this point click sign in, and then "Create Apple ID".  itunes will ask you to confirm some information and then you will see a place to enter your credit card information, don't enter your credit card!  Instead, click "none" and then see where it says redeem?  Enter your gift card there.  Then enter a VALID US Address any one will do, just go into google maps and find one.  We used

Mozilla Foundation
1981 Landings Drive
Building K
Mountain View, CA 94043-0801

Shortly after iTunes will let you know if you entered your code correctly and will let you know that you have a US iTunes account fully laoded with your gift card.  Saving money couldn't be easier.  So quit paying high prices on Australia iTunes music and buy instead with a US iTunes Gift Card.